Kedi Xia

graphic design, data visualization, GIS


Welcome to JourViz, my personal cyber lab of journalism and visualization.

I created JourViz to explore and share interesting visual presentations because I love to tell stories in creative ways. You can find independent projects that I worked on for fun, as well as samples of my published works on news media.

At the moment, as a resident scholar at the University of Arizona School of Journalism, I’m working with graduate students and faculty members on research projects of various topics, including crimes against journalist around the globe, U.S.–Mexico border issues, rights to information in India, and others.

In 2017, I designed online book “The Pulitzer Long Shot – How Our 1983 Latino Stories for L.A. Times Won Journalism’s Top Prize” authored by Pulitzer–winning journalist Frank Sotomayor. The book is also being hosted proudly by JourViz.

Thank you for visiting JourViz. Have fun!

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