Tucson Street Car Project

Tucson Modern Street Car

A preview of the street car project

Project TBMR

Project TBMR

Tucson Bus Map Remake

Vehicle Theft in Tucson

Vehicle Theft in Tucson

Buffered-top-crime-locations-clipped neighborhoods

Property Value VS Tax Bill

Property Value v.s. Tax Bill

Widening gap between property value and tax bill

Migrants Flow

Migrants Flow

The flow of migrants across the southwestern border

Solana Solar Plant

Solana Solar Plant

A solar plant that generates power at night

Water Reservation in Arizona

Water Reservation in Arizona

How water shaped the history of Arizona

Yarnell Wildfire

Yarnell Wildfire in 2013

A map series of Yarnell wildfire

Expanding Economy

Expanding Economy

A flow chart created with Sankey diagram

winning formula

Winning Formula

3-in-1: heat map + radar chart + bar chart

unemployment rates

Unemployment Rates

Color-coded unemployment rates by county

pro-sport injury claims

Pro-sport Injury Claims

Decade-long pro-sport injury claims in California

government shutdown

Government Shutdown

U.S. Federal Government Shutdown of 2013

paper please

Paper Please

Hexbin map showing immigration status checks by Tucson police



My Instagram live feed!!

water budget

Water Budget

Water preservation as budget management

sparkling nation

Sparkling Nation

Major fires in the contiguous U.S., 2011

tropical storms

Tropical Storms since 1842

Storms, storms and more storms

logo design

Logo Design

Logos designed for the student-run magazine

san pedro

San Pedro Watershed

San Pedro Watershed near Benson, Arizona

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